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How do I clean my cork floor?

Cork is a natural product, with water based paints and polyurethanes on top. DO NOT USE SOLVENT BASED CLEANERS! You can purchase cleaning products from that are specific to your polyurethane. Alternatively you can use hot water with lemon juice, or vinegar to clean your floor. This will keep the polyurethanes in top condition.

How can I protect my cork floor?

The best way to protect cork floors is to polyurethane them every few years. If you have a coloured floor, you can put some of the colour into the polyurethane. This does a marvellous job of covering up any scratches that may have occurred. Remember that cork can be sanded back to its original natural state at any time.

What if I have an existing cork floor?

You can either sand your existing floor back, or you can lay on top of it. It is difficult to remove cork once it’s down, so it is far easier to lay on top. This will only give you extra insulation.

How easy is it to lay?

Extremely easy! Our tiles are pre-glued and pre-finished, so they stick down with ease. We recommend two coats of waterbased, clear drying polyurethane to seal the tiles.


How durable is cork?

Cork will last a very long time, however it needs to be looked after properly. Cork can bounce back from small nicks and dings, but sliding a table across the floor and taking a chunk of cork with it—are tougher to fix. Avoid dragging sharp or heavy objects across a cork floor.

Is it okay with high heels?

Yes, cork is fine with high heels. Like with any floor, you must watch for those high heels which are broken. If the nail is sticking out the bottom of the shoe, this will puncture through the polyurethane and into the cork.

Will cork fade?

The New Zealand sun is harsh, and fading does occur on many floors including cork. It happens less on coloured cork than on the natural traditional tile however, as the paint protects the cork from going blonde underneath.

Can you help with installing and laying the tiles?

Yes we can. We love installing our cork tiles in your home. Contact us for more information.


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